Now that the Michigan fall is upon, that inevitably brings the cooler temperatures.  No one wants to run into car troubles in the subzero temperatures that occur during the colder months.  We have compiled a list of things to make sure your car has in tip top shape to get your vehicle through the colder seasons.

-          Check belts, hoses, and fluids

o   Make sure that none of them are cracked, worn or torn to prevent things such as your heater not working.  Also make sure your oil levels and any and all other fluids are full.

-          Check your antifreeze

o   During those freezing winter months your antifreeze plays a very important role as it regulates your engine’s temperature to ensure it runs properly.

-          Check your fuel lines and tire pressure

o   Fluctuation temperatures can condense or expand pressure in your tires which can prohibit your car’s reaction and a faulty fuel line can get build ups of ice which can damage your car’s engine

-          Keep an eye on your fuel levels

o   You should never let your car sit in freezing temperatures with little to no fuel.  This can prohibit your car from starting and will leave you stranded in the cold.

-          The importance of vehicle emergency kits

o   It is important to make sure that you always have safety items in your vehicle in case you get stranded.  You should always have things like gloves, ice scrapers, blankets, flares, first aid kids and jumper cables with you.

Being prepared is key for safe travels during these cooler times of year.