It seems like all year around people are talking about summer.  Beaches, boats, bonfires and everything else associated with the warm weather and sunshine is what gets people through the rest of the year.  But there is another group of people who love the “after summer” season.  Fall brings beautiful colors, sweatshirt weather, and a reprieve from those hot, humid Mid-Michigan days.  And for the sports fans out there, Fall = Football!

One of the number 1 activities correlated to Football, be it college or professional, is the all-important Tailgate Party!  A place for fans, sporting their team’s colors, to find camaraderie or a little good-natured jibbing at those supporting the opposing team. 

Since tailgating happens in the parking lot in the direct vicinity of our vehicles, whether yours sports an actual tailgate or not, there are things you can do to make sure your car, truck or SUV is going to give you the best venue for your own Tailgate Party!

Many of us have to drive 10s to 100s to even 1000s of miles to get to the venue of our favorite sporting event.  Make sure your vehicle is running in tip top shape with these few checks before you hit the road:

-          Check your oil levels.

o   Make sure your vehicle has enough oil and that you are following the manufacturer’s suggestion of how often to get your oil changed.  Your oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle.

-          Wiper Blades

o   We’ve all been to games where it is raining or even snowing this time of year.  Make sure your windshield wipers are in good working condition to keep you vision clear as you make the trek to the stadium.

-          Tire Condition

o   Nothing will throw a bigger kink in your road trip than a blown tire.  Make sure your tires have enough tread to make your travels safe.  Also make sure tire pressure is up to par and that tire wear is happening evenly.  Remember to have your tires rotated at regular intervals.

-          Roadside Kit

o   Make sure you always have your emergency kit in your vehicle and ready to go.  First aid kits, booster cables, blankets and flares should always be accessible to help you out if you do run into car troubles.

And last but not least…

-          Food and Ice

o   Now that you are safe and sound at the venue, it’s time to break out the food and drinks and have some fun.  Have your coolers stocked and all the fixings ready to go so you can just relax and enjoy the company of others once you arrive.

Now get out there and sport your team’s colors and be ready to share in the joy (and sometimes the hurt) of how the game turns out!